The Charter of Professional Selling (CoPS)


As a professional salesperson I pledge myself:

1. To believe that the product1 I sell has demonstrable benefits2.
2. To offer my product only where I have reason to believe that my prospect3would be able to derive a genuine benefit (whether tangible or intangible).
3. To represent myself, my company and my product honestly and truthfully.
4. To listen to the genuine needs of my prospects and use my best effort to provide advice, guidance and information to help them make the best decision to suit their circumstances.
5. To apply pricing policies fairly and equitably.
6. To use every legitimate process, technique or methodology to bring the benefits of my product to the attention of prospects.
7. To accept that my prospects are the final arbiter of my product’s suitability for purpose. 
8. To keep my customers, employer, associates and colleagues informed of all issues which may affect the delivery of the benefits of my product of service.
9. To handle complaints quickly, efficiently and fairly.
10. To treat customers, prospects, colleagues and competitors with respect.


1Product means the goods, services or solutions offered by the salesperson to his or her customer or client
2A benefit is a term used to indicate an advantage, profit, or gain attained by an individual or organization
3A prospect is a potential client or customer who has the budget, authority, and need to buy the salesperson's offering

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