Voluntary Work - Why you should think about it


Each year some 22 million people in the UK do some kind of voluntary work. Here are some great reasons why youshould think about volunteering:

  1. Help a cause that is close to your heart. Most charities welcome volunteers with open arms - they value the work they do highly, and often couldn’t function without the help that volunteers offer.
  2. Voluntary work is varied. There is voluntary work for people with all kinds of skills. You could work with people with disabilities, manage the finances of a local charity, set up databases, write newsletters, raise funds, serve as a Trustee… The list is endless.
  3. You do have enough time. Whatever time you have – even just an hour a week - can be a great help to a local charity.
  4. Learn valuable skills. Many people find that voluntary work has been a great way to learn new skills.
  5. Step into paid employment. Many people have found that volunteering has got them a foot in the door of a charity, and that has led to a paid role. If you looking for paid work in the voluntary sector, it certainly looks great on your CV if you have worked as a volunteer.
  6. Volunteering is FUN! It can be a great way to make friends and have fun, while making a real difference to people's lives.


Perhaps the best way to find voluntary work is a direct approach to a local charity in a field that is of particular interest to you. There are some great General voluntary roles on CharityJOB, as well as some Trustee roles.

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