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-- Handout & Writing Materials will be provided by the organizer

-- Seats are limited and will be served on 'First Come-First Serve' basis

-- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

- Bankers
- Importers & Exporters
- Procurement Executives
- Transporters/Carriers/Carriers’ Agents
- Insurers/ Insurance Executives
- Individuals who deal with Letter of Credit Transactions
- Officials engaged in Imports & Exports in the RMG (Ready Made Garments) Sector, particularly, Officials of the Commercial Section
- Academics and any one interested in Documentary Credit Operations.

Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCPDC), Pub.No.600

ICC Rules on Documentary Credits (L/C)

Date : 17 Jan 2012-19 Jan 2012
Time : 06.00 PM - 09.30 PM
Fee  : 3000 BDT/Participant
Training venue :
Target One Group
Rupayan Golden Age, Fokhrul Islam Securities, Suite B-7, 7th Floor, 99 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212
Training Objective
International trade by way of documentary credit operation calls for proper understanding of various articles of UCPDC. But why?

- Who have developed practical rules for documents used in documentary credit transactions worldwide?

- How documents under documentary credit operation control the payment function?

- Why a bank incorporates in the L/C “it is subject to UCP rules” while issuing letters of credit?

- Do both sellers and buyers remain protected under documentary Credit payment method over other methods of payment used in international trade?

- What does complying presentation means?

To learn these ICC rules and many other practical details regarding exports & imports through documentary credit from the experience of professional executive, Training Bangladesh invites you to the exclusive training on UCPDC.
Training Content
Day – 1
Article 1-13

01. Application of UCP
02. Definitions
03. Interpretations
04. Credits v. Contract
05. Documents v. Goods, Services or Performance
06. Availability, Expiry Date and Place for Presentation
07. Issuing Bank’s undertaking
08. Confirming Bank Undertaking
09. Advising of Credits and Amendments
10. Amendments
11. Tele Transmitted and Pre-Advised Credits and Amendments
12. Nomination
13. Bank-to-Bank Reimbursement Arrangements

Day – 2
Article 14-26

14. Standard for Examination of Documents
15. Complying Presentation
16. Discrepant Documents, Waiver and Notice
17. Original Documents and Copies
18. Commercial Invoice
19. Transport Document Covering at Least Two Different Modes of Transport
20. Bill of Lading
21. Non-Negotiable Sea Way Bill
22. Charter Party Bill of Lading
23. Air Transport Document
24. Road, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport Document
25. Courier Receipt, Post Receipt or Certificate of Posting
26. On Deck, Shipper's Load and Count, Said by Shipper to Contain, Charges

Day – 3

Article 27-39

27. Clean Transport Document
28. Insurance Document and Coverage
29. Extensions of Expiry Date or Last Day for presentation
30. Tolerance in Credit Amount, Quantify and Unit Prices
31. Partial Drawings or Shipments
32. Installment Drawings or Shipment
33. Hours of Presentation
34. Disclaimer on Effectiveness of Documents
35. Disclaimer on Transmission and Translation
36. Force Majeure
37. Disclaimer for Acts of an Instructed Party
38. Transferable Credits
39. Assignment of Proceeds

Learning Methodologies
- Presentation
- Facilitator Feedback
- Discussion
- Question & Answer
Facilitator(s) Profile

Azhar Ali Miah
Former Executive Vice President
Bank Asia Limited
  Mr. Azhar has more than 34 years of diversified experience in banking profession. He worked as the Executive Vice President, Bank Asia Limited, Corporate Office, Dhaka. He has retired from the services of the bank on 07.08.2011. Prior to joining Bank Asia Limited, he worked at Agrani Bank in various capacities, particularly, as the Manager of Authorised Dealer (AD) Branches, Head of Foreign Exchange Department/Trade Finance Department of Corporate Branches, Dhaka and Assistant General Manager, International Division, Head Office, Dhaka. He attended different training courses/workshops on Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange Transactions, Trade Finance at home and in abroad. Furthermore he has earned reputation as a successful trainer in the banking arena. As a trainer, he has been conducting training programs and workshops at Prothom Alojobs, BD jobs and DCCI Business Institute, Dhaka for long, in addition to Training Institutes of different Banks including BIBM on Trade Finance, UCPDC and Other Banking Subjects.
Registration Details
Registration payment can be made by cash or A/C Payee cheque in favor of Business Express, before January 16, 2012, till 06:00 pm

Registration Point
Rupayan Golden Age, Suite B-7, 7th Floor, 99 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212

Mob: 01713 067708 or 01912 836565
E-Mail: or

Last date of registration: Monday, 16 Jan 2012
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