-- Lunch, Tea Break & Refreshment will be arranged by the organizer -- Handout & Writing Materials will be provided by the organizer -- Seats are limited and will be served on 'First Come-First Serve' basis
-- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

Regular Excel users having basic Excel-2007/2010 Knowledge, data analyzers, management reporters, project managers, decision makers and teachers who wish to gather comprehensive knowledge to prepare summary reports from billions of data using PivotTable and PowerPivot

Microsoft Excel-PivotTable Comprehensive Features with Advanced Reporting

Date : 22 Apr 2016
Time : 10:00AM-6:00PM
Fee  : 4000.00 BDT/Participant
Training venue :
UTC Tower (Ground Floor), 8 Panthapath, Dhaka (Beside Basundhara Shopping Complex)
Training Objective
In every organization, a few people are engaged to work with a large volume data and they prepare various types of summary reports in MS Excel for the top management who are at the planning stage. They or their subordinates may waste huge times to prepare those reports using sorting, filtering, subtotaling, cut-copy-paste, manual linking, basic PivotTable and using many functions. Within few minutes they can prepare those reports very easily if they have strong knowledge in PivotTable in MS Excel. About 80% of PivotTable users use only its 20%-30% features of PivotTable’s capability.

The extended features of PivotTable is available in the business intelligence (BI) Power Pivot that can summarize your reports from multiple worksheets or different types of external data sources and no limit in data volume that can handle billions of rows with amazing speed.

Thinking about the above types of users, this training schedule has been designed so that they can learn the techniques to prepare various types of analytical summary reports from different types of data sources in various approaches within few minutes that will save huge times. They will also be able to prepare automated interactive dashboard using PivotTable, Pivot Chart and PowerPivot with PivotTable Tools. To create the automated dashboard you do not need to be a master of Excel and, you do not have any knowledge about programming language; just being a regular Excel user is fine.

At the end of the session, You will be able to
Know the techniques to Map a database so that you can generate PivotTable reports
Create dynamic PivotTable and fix various formatting
Use the techniques to handle millions of data and present the core information.
Share PivotTable with others in the web.
Start PowerPivot, create data model and dynamic report.
Create relationship among various linked tables and use of Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
Create world class dashboard easily using PivotTable, PowerPivot, PivotChart and Pivot tools

Lecture and presentation with Microsoft Excel-2010
100% Hand working with real case study
Completely interactive and participative
Training booklet that will be interactively connected
A real automated dashboard project
Open discussion (Q & A session)
Training Content
Introduction of PivotTable in Excel-2010
Structure of a PivotTable
Data mapping to prepare a PivotTable
Creating a PivotTable in Excel
Understanding PivotTable Field List
Row Labels, column labels, values area, report filter
Examples of various types of PivotTable in different angles
Various types of report layout-report in compact form, report in tabular form
Automated page break after each item group
Customizing subtotal at any row label data and subtotal category
Changing PivotTable data source
Changing type of calculation in value fields
Creating a running sum column in values field
Inserting a calculated field and calculated item
Decorating reports and changing styles
Containing customized data format that will not be changed on refresh
Containing customized column width that will not be changed on refresh
Applying conditional formatting to a PivotTable that will not be changed on refresh
Sorting and filtering techniques in PivotTable data
What is slicer in PivotTable?
Creating, changing and formatting slicer
Make your PivotTable dynamic using slicer
Drilling down of PivotTable data
Filling empty cells with zero (0)
Sharing PivotTable to the web using web services in Excel
Expand/Collapse the group (manually & automatically)
Show text in PivotTable values area
Creating PivotChart from existing workbook data
Creating PivotChart from external data source (from Access/SQL Server)
Create PivotTable using multiple consolidation ranges
Make your data source dynamic
What is PowerPivot Add-Ins?
PC Requirements and process to install PowerPivot in Excel 2010
Activating PowerPivot in MS Excel-2010 and 2013
Clear concept about Excel table
Creating PivotTable using PowerPivot window linking tables within the Excel workbook
Creating PivotTable using PowerPivot window linking tables/queries from external data source (from Access/SQL Server)
Creating relationships among the tables
Creating Data Model
Creating calculated column using Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
Techniques to use fields and slicers from PowerPivot Field List
Data presentation and BI reporting
Overview of automated Excel dashboard
Techniques to create Excel dashboard


Overview of the Whole Session
Consolidation of Learning
Q & A Session
Facilitator(s) Profile

Excel Automation Expert & Professional Trainer
  Md. Nazmul Muneer is one of the key contributors in the Accounts & Finance department of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with 8 years job experience and has previous work experience in Energypac Power Generation Ltd. Mr. Muneer also works as a freelance Excel automation consultant and trainer. In the last few years he has conducted various professional Excel training programs in many national and multinational corporate houses and educated in Excel more than 1,000 participants through effective training. He is a regular Excel trainer of some leading professional training institutes as a popular Excel trainer. He has also been providing consultation and technical services to different companies in the UK and USA on Excel Automation, helping them to create new processes, reports and streamlines those are already in live environment. He is expertise in developing automated formula based Excel dashboard, macro enabled & VBA based Excel workbook, strategic business model, various problem solving calculators, What-if Analysis model, data analysis dashboard using Business Intelligence (BI) tools, KPI automation etc. Mr. Muneer has obtained educational experience in two different disciplines. He is a post graduate in Accounting and has a Diploma in Professional Software Engineering. These have enabled him to acquire vast IT knowledge on developing Database Software, Advanced Excel with VBA, Access with programming, VB, SQL server, Crystal report, IBM AS/400, ORACLE E-Business Suit as well as various accounting packages.
Registration Details
Registration payment can be made by cash or A/C Payee cheque in favor of Business Express, before April 21, 2016, till 12:31 pm

Registration Point
Business Express H:38/A (3rd Floor),R: 9/A Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

Mob: 01717801435

Last date of registration: Thursday, 21 Apr 2016
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