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- Tea Break & Refreshment will be arranged by the organize
- Registration payment can be made by cash or cheque in favor of Business Express
- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for the students, management trainee, productive executives and managers who want to gather the most essential knowledge of excel and want to become as an awesome excel user.

Essential Features of MS Excel - 2010

Date : 28 May 2016
Time : 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Fee  : 3000.00 BDT
Training venue :
UTC Tower (Ground Floor), 8 Panthapath, Dhaka (Beside Basundhara Shopping Complex)
Training Objective
Microsoft Excel is the most essential and powerful application of Microsoft Office package. Most of the times we need to work with millions of data. Everyday we are working with Excel long time for different purposes with our limited Excel knowledge and waste huge time.

We can make our routine and special jobs easier if we have the essential knowledge in excel like common to advanced functions, shortcuts, various productive tips & tricks etc. Managers and executives having excellent spreadsheet knowledge can change the organization’s financial position and grow up in career faster than others. The students also can get job quickly if they have good knowledge in Excel.

This professional training will help you through various functions, tools, tips and tricks to boost up your Excel productivity and you will learn how to map and handle big data that will work for you and generate the reports describing the core information professionally.

Learning Methodologies
Presentation with Excel 2010 (If you use Excel 2007, 2013, 2016 or mac, no problem; you will get instant guideline)
Hand working with real case study
Completely interactive and participative
Training booklet that will be interactively connected with working files
Problem solving, Practical projects and Brainstorming
Open discussion (Q & A session)
Training Content
Start Working with Microsoft Excel 2010
The Excel-2010 screen
Introduction of ribbon
Recognizing the essential tools
Customizing quick access toolbar
Sheet moving in the same workbook and any other workbook
Quick tips to page setup
Worksheet scaling to print
Print large data professionally and save papers
Column headings to be printed at top on every page

Managing Workbook with Big Data
Full screen print preview in Excel-2010
Make a certain range that will be visible all the time
Do you have 100 sheets in a workbook? Manage professionally

Cell Reference (Absolute Vs Relative):
What is relative & absolute cell reference?
Different types of use of references (A4, $A4, A$4, $A$4)
Managing cell reference with complex formula in easy rule

Use Essential Functions for Data Re-Structuring
Techniques to resize your downloaded data from ERP
Extracting the required portion(LEFT/RIGHT/MIDDLE) of a cell value
Joining multiple cells
Removing unwanted extra spaces and texts
Convert a cell text to your required case
Format cell values quickly

Logical Functions and Operators
IF() Condition and expression of logical test
Use of AND, OR and NOT
Nested IF() with other functions

Lookup & References
Vertical Lookup function- VLOOKUP
Using VLOOKUPs for different purposes

Data Validation, Protection and Workbook Security
Protect your workbook so that it can be used by anyone with a limited use of Excel
Locking and protecting cells
Restriction incorrect data entry with data validations
Creating list with static values or a dynamic range
Creating error validation messages
Create your Workbook password protected

Using Advanced Conditional Formatting
Format automatically when your required criteria meet true
Using multiple Conditional Formatting in a range
Using Data Bars, color scales and icon sets for great presentation
Advanced formula based Conditional Formatting

Using Name in Excel
Examples of various types of name
Name type-Cell reference, range of cells, formula and constant value
Use name in a formula and avoid complexity

Advanced Data Sorting & Filtering
Multi-level data Sorting using multiple conditions in different angles
Finding unique records in a range and paste at another place
Removing Duplicates at the same range
Data filtering using multiple conditions
Multi-level data filtering with customized conditions

Error Handling and Cleaning Data
Type of errors and when it occurs
Circular reference
Carefulness for errors!
Error handling using ISERROR and IFERROR function
Magic tips to find error cells and replacing quickly
Formula tracing and debugging techniques

PivotTables, PivotChart and Slicers
Data mapping to prepare a PivotTable
Understanding PivotTable Field List
Row Labels, column labels, values area, report filter
Examples of various types of PivotTable in different angles
Various types of report layout-report in compact form, report in tabular form
Customizing subtotal at any row label data and subtotal category
Changing PivotTable data source
Inserting a calculated field and calculated item
Drill-down to the Pivot data
Summarizing data by month, quarter, year etc. from date
Decorating reports and changing styles
Containing customized data format that will not be changed on refresh
Containing customized column width that will not be changed on refresh
Applying conditional formatting to a PivotTable that will not be changed on refresh
Decorating PivotTable report using “Data Bar”, “Color Scales” and “Icon Sets”
Sorting and filtering techniques in PivotTable data
What is slicer in PivotTable?
Creating, changing and formatting slicer
Make your PivotTable dynamic using slicer
Filling empty cells with zero (0)
Creating PivotChart from existing workbook data
Make your PivotTable data source dynamic

Overview the Whole Session
Consolidation of the learning
Q&A Session
Facilitator(s) Profile

Excel Automation Expert & Professional Trainer
  Md. Nazmul Muneer is one of the key contributors in the Accounts & Finance department of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with 8 years job experience and has previous work experience in Energypac Power Generation Ltd. Mr. Muneer also works as a freelance Excel automation consultant and trainer. In the last few years he has conducted various professional Excel training programs in many national and multinational corporate houses and educated in Excel more than 1,000 participants through effective training. He is a regular Excel trainer of some leading professional training institutes as a popular Excel trainer. He has also been providing consultation and technical services to different companies in the UK and USA on Excel Automation, helping them to create new processes, reports and streamlines those are already in live environment. He is expertise in developing automated formula based Excel dashboard, macro enabled & VBA based Excel workbook, strategic business model, various problem solving calculators, What-if Analysis model, data analysis dashboard using Business Intelligence (BI) tools, KPI automation etc. Mr. Muneer has obtained educational experience in two different disciplines. He is a post graduate in Accounting and has a Diploma in Professional Software Engineering. These have enabled him to acquire vast IT knowledge on developing Database Software, Advanced Excel with VBA, Access with programming, VB, SQL server, Crystal report, IBM AS/400, ORACLE E-Business Suit as well as various accounting packages.
Registration Details
Registration payment can be made by cash or A/C Payee cheque in favor of Business Express, before May 26, 2016, till 04:10 pm

Registration Point
Business Express H:38/A (3rd Floor),R: 9/A Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

Mob: 01717801435

Last date of registration: Thursday, 26 May 2016
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