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Who Should Attend

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"Changes of VAT Acts, Rules, SRO, Rate of duty in this FY-(16-17)''

Date : 18 Nov 2016
Time : 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Fee  : 3500.00 BDT
Training venue :
UTC Tower (Ground Floor), 8 Panthapath, Dhaka (Beside Basundhara Shopping Complex)
Training Objective
Workshop Overview:

VAT is a new dimension in the tax area of Bangladesh. Though it has been implemented since 1991-still our academic books are not sufficient enough to address these accounting aspects systematically. Government is now a day's very much harsh in collection of VAT from all relevant sources. The area of the VAT is increasing day-by-day. It is true that organizations are paying VAT still they are not in a position to keep their records as per VAT act and rules to substantiate their legitimate position. VAT authorities are not also accommodating in this perspective. Therefore, taxpayers are in dilemma to tackle this critical diverse situation. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of the management of the 21 century and the need of clear understandings about VAT transactions the magnitude of the presentation would be optimal so that participants can derive maximum benefits and effectively handle the complexities of VAT related issues in their day to day affairs.

Objectives of the VAT Workshop:

France in 1954 and Bangladesh in 1991 has introduced VAT. At present approximately 120 countries are exercising VAT in the world. Since inception of VAT Government has been modernizing and simplifying this tax policy. This FY 2016-17 there are also many changes in Acts, Rules, SROs and Regulations as part of its simplification. To clarify all dilemma and changes, first we need to understand than to be understood. So fill up the gap between theory and practice to minimize cost of business and pay VAT perfectly.
Training Content
1st Half:

First session:


Latest changes in FY (16-17) budget
Brief history, Background, Mission & role of VAT
National Board of Revenue (NBR) at a glance
NBR roles in import & Export product
General features of VAT (Indirect taxation) system of Bangladesh
VAT at manufacturing & trade point

How does VAT works, Tax liability, net work & value addition
Characteristic & Input tax credit mechanism of VAT
VAT- able product, services, VAT exemption & tax rate
Cottage industry & turnover tax
Registration process of manufacturer, services, traders & importer
Stages of VAT, when it payable & how?
ECR & advance trade VAT
Value calculation & payment of tax
Tariff value, Excise duty & obligation of VAT unit
When to pay? & mode of payment
Submission of return, Record keeping & Right of Tax payer
Offence, penalty, adjudication & dispute statement
Different forms on VAT
Dispute & Need

Second session:

VAT at Service sector

Network/Scope, Exemption, calculation
Registration process
Tax base/procedure of VAT
Truncated base &VAT at source
VAT payment &collection System
Central Registration Process
VAT on Banking & Insurance Sector
Hotel, Restaurant, Construction firms and Building Developer
VAT system on Export, Deemed Export and Bond
Various reporting Under VAT law
Refund system

2nd Half:

Third session:

Valuation System

Tax base & determination of assessable value for VAT
Different kinds of value
Legal provision
Declaration & Calculation of value
Components of value
Value approvals
Fourth session:

Adjudication & Appeal

What is Adjudication?
Offences for adjudication
Power of adjudication
Imposition of penalties
Adjudication process
Record Keeping and Accounting in VAT

Importance of record keeping in VAT
Obligation & Record keeping
Characteristics of VAT as a tax system
Record keeping (mainly)
Commercial documents
VAT Accounting and Payment Procedures
Question & answer
Facilitator(s) Profile

Md. Lutfor Rahman
Commissioner (Customs & VAT)
Government of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
  Md. Lutfor Rahman joined Bangladesh Civil Service as Assistant Commissioner of Customs in the year 1988. Since then, he worked in diverse areas including revenue collection, customs fraud, anti smuggling program, prevent commercial fraud etc. He worked as Deputy Commissioner of the Customs House to implement the Export and Import policy of the country. He was also involved in policy formulation and implementation in Customs Administration. In Chittagong, he worked as Deputy Director, Customs, Excise and VAT Training Academy to monitor and formulate training program for the new entrants. During his job tenure in CAM-1 project as Training In-charge financed by the World Bank on lien from the National Board of Revenue, he worked to develop and formulate international standard and acceptable Customs declaration according to UN layout plan. Between September 2001 and January 2004, he was posted at ICD custom station under Customs House Dhaka, and looking after, among others, ASYCUDA ++ system, supervising import and export including Garment bonded warehouse. He was made First Secretary (Customs) of National Board of Revenue in January 2004 with responsibility to help Customs policy making and coordinate budget activities of the country. Mr Rahman attended many trainings namely modern system of application of customs regulations under Singapore Co-operation program, VAT management in UK Customs, Risk assessment, profiling, and targeting organized by World Customs Organization in Manila. Prior to his present designation, he carried out his responsibilities as Additional Commissioner of Customs at Custom House Dhaka & In-charge of Zia International Airport, Commissioner of customs at Appeal Commissionerate, Dhaka, Custom House Chittagong, Director General at DEDO office, Dhaka.
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