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-- Seats are limited and will be served on 'First Come-First Serve' basis

-- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

- Sales & Marketing Professionals from any level/industry.
- Business Development Executives/Managers
- Key Account Managers

SPIN® Selling: Changing Minds and Persuasion

The World’s Most Evolved Sales Technique Followed by Fortune 500 Companies!!

Date : 13 Apr 2012
Time : 10.00 AM - 06.00 PM
Fee  : 3000 BDT/Participant
Training venue :
Wings Center
House # 55, Road # 4A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Training Objective
The research uncovered the following facts :
The first students trained in the "SPIN" model showed an average of 17% improvement in sales results.

British research psychologist Neal Rackham, whose company, Huthwaite Inc., has taught it to hundreds of corporations worldwide, developed the “SPIN” selling system. At the heart of the system, as it is explained in Rackham's book SPIN Selling, is a precisely defined sequence of four question types that enables the salesperson to move the conversation logically from exploring the customers' needs to designing solutions, or to in Rackham's terms, to uncover Implied Needs and develop them into Explicit Needs that you, the salesperson, can resolve

They examined large, complicated sales scenarios. After analysing more than 35,000 sales calls they were able to put to rest a variety of traditional myths about closing sales. The original survey showed that in successful sales calls it's the buyer who does most of the talking, which means that the salespeople are asking questions. Asking questions means that the salesperson is building Rapport with the buyer, building sales rapport with the buyer allows the buyer to feel more comfortable talking.

Most of the Fortune 500 companies use the SPIN sales model.

SPIN Selling proposes there are four types of questions, thus SPIN stands for :
>> Situation (questions)
>> Problem (questions)
>> Implication (questions)
>> Need-payoff (questions)

Situation Questions deal with the facts about the buyers existing situation.
Problem Questions ask about the buyer's pain and focus the buyer on this pain while clarifying the problem, before asking implication questions. . These give Implied Needs.

Implication Questions discuss the effects of the problem, before talking about solutions, and develop the seriousness of the problem to increase the buyer's motivation to change.

Need-Payoff Questions get the buyer to tell you about their Explicit Needs and the benefits your solutions offers, rather than forcing you to explain the benefits to the buyer. Getting the buyer to state the benefits has greater impact while sounding a lot less pushy. What these questions do is probe for explicit needs.

Training Content
>> Introduction
>> Session Rules
>> Ice Breakers

>> Sales Overview:
- who sells
- what do we sell
- when and how

>> Characteristics of Major Sale
>> The Universal Buying/Selling Process in Major Sale

>> Understanding Buyers' Needs: Implied and Explicit
>> Converting dis satisfactions and problems into aspirations and decisions
>> Developing Needs: The gentle art of probing

>> SPIN Selling
>> The SPIN Selling Process
>> How SPIN Selling is different from traditional selling systems
>> Pre Sale Preparation
>> Post Sale Essentials

>> Handling Objections in Major Sale
>> Closing Techniques
>> Strategic Account Card

Facilitator(s) Profile

Ayan Banerji
Partner, Edxcare Learning Services
  Mr Ayan Banerji has over 21 years of rich diversified exposure to Sales Management, Project Management, Risk Management and Operations. He has led high performance business teams. He is certified on SPIN Selling Techniques, the world’s most evolved sales technique followed by Fortune 500 companies. Ayan has over eleven years of Learning & Development exposure to sectors including telecom, FMCG, engineering, services, real estate, banking, finance and insurance. Ayan has received multiple international certifications in fields like corporate learning, financial management, risk management and IT.
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Training Bangladesh, 18/5, Block - F, Ring Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka 1207

Mob: 01713 067708, 01912 836565, 01711 032527

Last date of registration: Wednesday, 11 Apr 2012