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- Tea Break & Refreshment will be arranged by the organize

- Registration payment can be made by cash or cheque in favor of Business Express

- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

•All Commercial people/officials
•Transporters/Carriers/Carriers’ Agents and Lawyers
•Insurers/ Insurance Executives / Procurement Executives
•Academics and any one interested in export-import operations.
•Importers & Exporters in the RMG Sector/other sectors

Training on Back to Back LC including EPZ rules,Insurance Policy and Latest Changes

Back to Back L/C Along with EPZ Rules

Date : 20 Feb 2016
Time : 10:00 AM-6:00PM
Fee  : 4000 BDT
Training venue :
UTC Tower (Ground Floor), 8 Panthapath, Dhaka (Beside Basundhara Shopping Complex)
Training Objective
The objectives of this daylong training are to provide the participants clear understanding about the exports and the imports operation covering the following areas so that they may be capable of handling LC transaction and collection documents successfully and confidently:

**Introduction & overview: International Trade. Why do we engage ourselves in International Trade? What are the risks/problems exporters and importers may face in international trade? How to reduce or eliminate risks/problems?
**Inherent risks of exports under the contract procedure. What protection do exporters and importers get under the contract procedure?
** What are LC, BB LC (Foreign & Local), Master LC, and Transferable LC?
**Do both sellers and buyers remain protected under the LC Procedure?
**Types of Payment: sight/deferred/acceptance/negotiation
**How to Examine Export LC? What are the defective/unacceptable points/terms/conditions found in the Master LC (Export LC)?
**What is a Bonded Warehouse License? How to open BB LC under bonded warehouse arrangement? How to settle payment of import Bills under the BB LC?
**What are the documents comprising a set while submitting Export bills?
**What are the EPZ Rules for Exports - Imports
**What is Forfaiting Transaction?
**Few Glossary of Terms used in foreign trade:
EXP,UD, Pass Book, IRC, ERC, D/A & D/P, Bill of Entry & Bill of Export, Third party documents & Third party Bill of lading, Stale documents, Charter party Bill of lading ,Deck Shipment ,UPAS, Short form of bill of lading, Straight Bill of Lading , ICC, UCP, ISBP, URC, Incoterms.
Training Content
Session 1
**International Sales Contract, International Shipment
**Imports & Exports under the Contract Procedure: Documentary Draft Transaction
**What is collection? How to handle collection documents? Parties to a documentary collection. What constitute clean bills & documentary bills?
**Payment Terms: D/P or CAD and D/A
**Risks inherent in exports under the Contract Procedure. How to reduce the risks?
•What are LC, Back to Back LC and Master LC? Why LC is preferred over other Payment Methods?
•Documents used in Documentary Credit (LC) Transaction
•Parties to a Letter of Credit Transaction: Applicant; Beneficiary; L/C Issuing Bank; Advising Bank; Nominated Bank; Confirming Bank; Negotiating Bank; Claiming Bank; Reimbursing Bank

Session – 2
•Types of LC according to Availability of Payment: Sight Payment Credit; Acceptance Credit; Deferred Payment Credit; Negotiation Credit
•Documentary Credit (LC) Transaction
•Examination of Export LC. What are the Defective/unacceptable clauses found in the Export LC?
•How to open BB LC with reference to ready made garments industries in Bangladesh? How to settle payments of import bills under BB L/C.
•How to handle imports under the Export Development Fund (EDF) Procedure?
•What are the EPZ Rules for Exports - Imports

Session – 3
•Exports: Advising of Exports LC, Negotiation/discounting of Export Bills, Assigning of Proceeds.
•Practical Exercise - opening of BB LC.

Session – 4
•Practical Exercise - opening of BB LC (Continued …..)
•Few Glossary of Terms: Pass Book, IRC, ERC, UD, D/A & D/P or CAD, Bill of Entry & Bill of Export, Third party documents & B/L, Stale documents, Charter party B/L,Deck Shipment ,UPAS, Forfaiting Transaction? Short form of B/L, Straight B/L, ICC, UCP, ISBP, URC, Incoterms .
•Question & Answer.
Facilitator(s) Profile

Azhar Ali Miah
Former Executive Vice President
Bank Asia Limited
  Mr. Azhar has more than 34 years of diversified experience in banking profession. He worked as the Executive Vice President, Bank Asia Limited, Corporate Office, Dhaka. He has retired from the services of the bank on 07.08.2011. Prior to joining Bank Asia Limited, he worked at Agrani Bank in various capacities, particularly, as the Manager of Authorised Dealer (AD) Branches, Head of Foreign Exchange Department/Trade Finance Department of Corporate Branches, Dhaka and Assistant General Manager, International Division, Head Office, Dhaka. He attended different training courses/workshops on Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange Transactions, Trade Finance at home and in abroad. Furthermore he has earned reputation as a successful trainer in the banking arena. As a trainer, he has been conducting training programs and workshops at Prothom Alojobs, BD jobs and DCCI Business Institute, Dhaka for long, in addition to Training Institutes of different Banks including BIBM on Trade Finance, UCPDC and Other Banking Subjects.
Registration Details
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Registration Point
Business Express H:38/A (3rd Floor),R: 9/A Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209. ***We Also offering Customized Training.

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Last date of registration: Friday, 19 Feb 2016
***We Also offering Customized Training.