Tea Break & Refreshment will be arranged by the organizer - Handout & Writing Materials will be provided by the organizer - Seats are limited and will be served on 'First Come-First Serve' basis - Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session -

Who Should Attend

Young and early in the Career and Mid and Top level position of the Business Management career in banks and Financial organizations.

Business English (Advanced)for Professionals.

Every Friday and Saturday(2 days in a week)

Date : 28 Nov 2014-27 Dec 2014
Time : 06.00 PM-09:00PM
Fee  : 13500 BDT/Participant
Training venue :
Wings Center
House # 55, Road # 4A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Training Objective
This programme ensures strengthening capacity of professionals and added advantages to their on- going professional development further down the line. This qualification is aimed at advanced level of competence of professionals.

The following objectives are expected to achieve on completion of programme:

•Strengthen,accelerate Communication abilities will improve in terms of consistence and accuracy.
•Learn effective practical skill building and Business Work environment behavior, Useful Business Communication in and around Industry.
•To benefit in convenient communication in work environment and assist dealing any business negotiations.
•Learning Useful and appropriate communication styles to use in variety of work requirements.
•Winning a milestone in professional development and dealing in diverse Business issues.
•Connect to widely used communication in modern Business World and dealing them.
Training Content
Session 1
Assessment Criteria:
•40 Minutes: Ice breaking and giving fundamentals of English Language and Brief of importance of communication skills.
•40 Minutes: Three key skills in working place and introducing the entire structure of the course.
•10 Minutes:Introducing the Course Structure.
•20 Minutes: Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 2
•Handing out the brief Scheme of work, Lesson Plan and course resources with reference of text for whole programme.
•30 Minutes: Tutorial
•30 Minutes :Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 3
•60 Minutes: Fundamental and daily used sentence Making techniques, rules of sentence formation with vocabulary Building capacity.
•30 Minutes: Video Tutorial.
30 Minutes: Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 4
•50 Minutes: Use and practice of Sentence making approaches and styles of Grammar in work and daily life and improvement of coherent and consistent and relevant writing.
•45 Minutes: Business terminologies, glossary, Common Business Etiquettes.
•10 Minutes: Tutorial.
•15 Minutes Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 5
•50 Minutes: Pair practice, Guided Lecturer and intensive and participative robust discussion on mostly used writing techniques and abilities on business issues.
•50 Minutes: Introduce standardised formal and informal communications , methods and practices
•30 Minutes: Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 6

60 Minutes: Creative writing techniques and ways to make official communication within and out of the business with partners and stakeholders.
•30 Minutes: Tutorial Session specimen of globally practicable approaches.
•30 Minutes Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 7
•50 Minutes : Skills and use of terminologies on Brief report, Investigative report, survey and Annual report
•45 Minutes: Methods of technical reports and presentation skills of report and communication of letter among the different tiers of Management.
•25 Minutes :Video Clip, Role play, &Q/A.

Session 8
•60 Minutes: Writing techniques and more relevant Grammar and phrases used in business Communications in the work place.
•40 Minutes: Sales letter, Order placement and Quotation Letter and Personnel communication and use of jargon and glossary in business environment.
•20 Minutes :Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 9
•60 Minutes: Practice and Presentation to the group and Small Exercise and Fun Game in learning and Computer aided exercise
•40 Minutes: Tips& Ways how to write effective and precise on any topic.
•20 Minutes :Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 10
•40 Minutes: Lesson on Preparing Draft and literature using image, graph and using selected words to test writing preparation and game in diverse range of games.
•50 Minutes: Meeting Minutes preparations.
•30 Minutes :Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 11
•60 Minutes: Both Group and Individual Task to prepare and present report to enhance Presentation skills to group with ICT support.
•30 Minutes :Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 12
•60 Minutes: Produce, Practice and Perform on completion of all guided Lecture on Writing Skill lectures.
•45 Minutes Practice with Guided support with techniques and methods and styles in Speaking in Different Environment.
•30 Minutes :Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 13
•40 Minutes: Individual Speaking Activities, Listening Skill improvement , Speaking and Listening ability increasing tips and lesson.
•40 Minutes: How to improve accurate and fast, perfect speaking styles with right sound and speaking techniques.
•25 Minutes : Formal and Informal Business Communications.
•15 Minutes :Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 14
•45 Minutes: introduce the Received pronunciation and native Style of pronunciation &use and requirement of them.
•45 Minutes: Presentation of Minute of meeting, Report followed by Q/A,Report presentation followed by Q/A.
•30 Minutes: Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 15
•50 Minutes: Study of Sounds and Pronunciation and techniques for right pronunciation.
•45 Minutes: Review of all speaking capacity building and Writing ability Lessons.
•30 Minutes: Video Clip &Q/A.

Session 16
•40 Minutes: A brief summative Test held at the end of course on Speaking and Writing abilities.

Facilitator(s) Profile

Syeda Kudsia Hossain
ELT Trainer
  Experienced and educated and trained in Bangladesh. And wide ranging teaching experience in Applied Language and professional Language courses including IELTS in local Universities and WINGS Learning centre. Graduated and Post Graduated in English Literature and Applied Linguistics and has been trained in Cambridge accredited CIDTT.

Asaduzzaman Ripon
COO,WINGS Learning Centre
  Experienced and worked in UK almost 9 years in Education Industry in many capacities i.e. Further Education, Higher Education Institutes and Study Skills and English for the Speakers of other Languages and policy Making and Management, research & training. Specialized in teaching International Business, contemporary Development Studies and Language at HEIs. Graduated and Post Graduated in UK Universities and TEFL(TESOL), UK, Globally recognized language teaching qualification, for Language Training in International House, UK and received professional training in Continuing Education department, University of Oxford, UK and EU on contemporary Economics. Post Graduate Research fellow in UK University.

A.S.M. Saadul Quader
Assistant Professor and Head of the English Department of a reputed university
  Mr. A.S.M Saadul Quader is a PhD fellow in ELT. He completed both of his graduation and post graduation in English has been teaching Fundamentals of Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Psycholinguistics; ELT Methodologies and etc. He authored the book “A Golden Treasury of English Words.”
Registration Details
Registration payment can be made by cash or A/C Payee cheque in favor of Business Express, before November 19, 2014, till 06:01 pm

Registration Point
WINGS Learning Centre House: # 55, Road # 4/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209

Mob: 01769922222, 01911229081
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Last date of registration: Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014