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Who Should Attend

Any one from Finance or Accounts Dept

Accounting Documentation for Finance & Accounts Professional

Training Objective
In the context of internal controls, paper or electronic communication which supports the completion of the lifecycle of a transaction meets the criteria for documentation. Anything that provides evidence for a transaction, who has performed each action pertaining to a transaction, and the authority to perform such activities are all considered within the realm of documentation for these purposes.

Objective of this Training:

Documents provide a financial record of each event or activity, and therefore ensure the accuracy and completeness of transactions. This includes expenses, revenues, inventories, personnel and other types of transactions. Proper documentation provides evidence of what has transpired as well as provides information for researching discrepancies.
Supporting documentation may come in paper or electronic form. In recent years, more often, official supporting documentation has moved from paper based to electronic forms. Keep in mind that in some instances electronic processing and approvals are the source documents for transactions.
Training Content
Ice Breaking
Team Work and Team Management
1. Accounting, Budgeting and Financing
2. Accounting documents Vs. Source documents
3. Accounting Concepts
4. Accounting Control System
5. Accountant's liability
6. Accountant
7. Internal control and internal check

Brief discussion
1. Types of accounting documents
2. Uses of accounting documents
3. Contents and clarification of accounting documents
4. Types of Source Documents
5. Uses of Source Documents
6. Types of payment
7. Types of receipt
8. Application of Internal control and internal check
9. Company’s accounting policy
10. Retention & Filing of accounting and Source Documents
11. Accounting report and Financial statement

Question and Answer Session
Facilitator(s) Profile

S.M. Khaled
Chief Financial Controller HOMEBOUND Packers & Shippers
  Mr. S.M. Khaled M.Com, ACA is an Associate Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). He has completed M.Com in Accounting under the University of Dhaka in 1992 held in 1996 and completed his article ship from Chowdhury Hossain Zaman & Co, Chartered Accountants in 1996. At present, Mr. Khaled is working as financial controller of country reputed logistics industries. Before that he was working for RANGS Group and Chowdhury Hossain Zaman & Co, Chartered Accountants. He is the Managing Director of GLORY MAVENS LTD and also the board of director of Destination Park Limited. He possess an experiences of 18 years in consultancy, accounting software designing, VAT software designing ERP software designing and resource person in capacity building in different area of business and non-business house. He gathered vast experiences in the fields of designing accounting system, project management, project financing, Bank Loan proposal, and financial management. And vast training on the following: Management & Accounting of food Commodity Local TAX & VAT TRACE Anti Bribery Public sector regulation and Public procurement rules Public Financial Management (Treasury Rules, General), Financial Rules, Government Accounting System and Budgeting Anti Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for the professional accountant Mr. Khaled has keen interest in theoretical and applied research. His main areas of interest are training on capacity building, software designing and consultancy on Financial & budget management, International Accounting Standard International Financial reporting Standard, Social Accounting and Business management.
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