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-- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

Brand team, MKT Team

Brand Positioning based on Consumer's Eyes

Training Objective
Successfully positioning a brand requires consumer insight. Brands are owned in the minds of consumers so unless you know how consumers perceive your brand and those of your competitors, you will not know which brand position (or unique value proposition – unique selling proposition) is going to be most advantageous for your brand. At a minimum, you should know which potential consumer values or benefits achieve ALL of the following:
*Relevant to the purchase of your brand’s products or services
*Unique among competitive alternatives
*Emotionally compelling
*Purchase motivating
*Protectable over the medium – to long-term

Ultimately, brand positioning is a strategic decision based on imperfect information. This training can help brand owners discover a highly potent, emotionally compelling brand position however. And, this can make all of the difference in the success of your brand.
Training Content
Ice Breaking: let’s play a small game
Our ice-breaking exercise about Brand Positioning

What is Brand?
HOw to define Brand Positioning?
Quiz 1:
How is our opening exercise related to Brand Positioning?

Positioning Jargons
What is the Ultimate Driver of Human Behvior?
Brand Mix
Iceberg Theory
Expertise and Techniques to address:
* Consumer-Category Relationship Understanding
* Consumer Motivational
How to translate the Consumer Insight in right way?

Concept of
Insight-positioning strategy
Quiz 2: discuss about each of the above processes
Category Insight Analysis with case studies (Lifestyle products, Taste enhancing product)
Balancing and Enhancing strategy
Brand consideration parameters

Task for unraveling screens towards consumer identity
The pearl-hunting exercise
Price Sensitivity
Category security
Q/A session
Facilitator(s) Profile

Emran Rahman
Strategic Research and Project Management Professional
  Emran is a Market Research and Project Management Consultant with equal exposure to home and global market- 8 years and counting.He is currently working as Consulting Program Manager in DFID funded project with Uniliver Bangladesh. He was extensively involved in project management and task delegation during his tenure as a project manager in CARE Bangladesh and as a research manager in Nielsen Bangladesh. His last stint was with TNS Indonesia as a Technical Consultant for its largest account. Emran worked either stint or project basis in India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand and Indonesia so far. He received professional work delegation, team management and leadership training in Singapore, India and recently Indonesia. In South-East Asian market he strategized global clients, mention-ably BAT, Nissan Japan, Renault France, Ericsson Sweden etc. As a result, he possesses actionable cross-functional and cross-industry knowledge by his rounded experience in development sector, research arena and advertising field. As of now, he served Quantum Consumer Solutions, CreativeMinds, CARE Bangladesh, The Nielsen Company and TNS Indonesia before he settled himself as an independent consultant, article writer for Bangladesh Brand Forum and trainer for professional sessions.
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