-- Lunch, Tea Break & Refreshment will be arranged by the organizer
-- Training Materials will be provided by the organizer
-- Seats are limited and will be served on 'First Come-First Serve' basis
-- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to be professional trainer


Training Objective
This is a high voltage; high intensity train the trainer course is designed for organizations that need in-house trainers, resource person and those personals who want to develop their facilitation skill. The course outline has designed with Rayhan’s 3I principle (Impact: Innovation: Inspiration). Participants will practice delivery through several rounds of short presentations and training sessions. Off-course you will discover a proven and scientific transformational learning approach that empowers you to overcome your facilitation challanges and achieve your most ambitious facilitation goals. If you want to renovate your training conduction approaches and make an energizing impact at your workplace –this learning intervention will assist you to grow and reach your own potential. During these two daylong courses, Mr. Rayhan will work and assist individual to prepare their strategic action point for facilitation excellence.

Learning Methodology
• Presentation and Lecture
• Exclusive handouts with quality lecture scrip
• Facilitator Feedback
• Case Study
• Discussion in group
• Group task with group presentation
• Peer Feedback
• Video Clips
• Q & A
• Practical Demonstration

 Learn the basics execution process of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology.
 Build engaging learning solutions that are learner-centered and participant oriented.
 Develop conceptual framework for simulation activity during learning intervention.
 Lead and apply effective facilitation techniques for managing participants, deploying a different kind of learning approaches, creating an effective positive learning environment, and managing session challenges.
 Develop learning strategic framework and execution based on organizations expectation.
 Preparing self to facilitate and build the knowledge enhancement catalyst approaches professionally.
 Understanding the learning scope identification to session evaluation.
Training Content
The Art:
 Introduction
 Ground rules and objective
 Real time Pre-Assessment
 The artwork of a Facilitator: The Power Within
 The cycle of Training: The holistic view
The Assessment:
 The Learning, Training & Development Needs Assessment (LTDNA)
 Analysis Basics
 Learning Objectives vs. Learning Outcomes
 Applying Verbs to Levels of Learning
 Identifying and Designing the appropriate Learning Solution / method
The Preparation:
 Designing the pre-assessment kit
 Designing the scope of supply
 Core components of scope of supply
 Resource collection methodology
 The scientific approaches to select the best alternatives based in participates knowledge curve
The Secrets:
 Designing a learning interventions based on participants specifications
 Dimensions of content development
 Main points with evidence
 Vivid and visual language
 Material Transitions
 Usage of visuals material during the session
 Instructional design with effective time lapping
 Instant and long term ROLI (Return on Learning Investment) approaches
The Equipment:
 Defining technical materials
 Usage of technical supporting tools (case, assessment, mock etc.)
 Outdoor activation tools
 Game Creation Methods
The Engagement:
 Analyzing your audience
 Deciding on your specific purpose
 Engaging your participants with different tools
 Headship Skills: Ways to Stay Fully Focused when facilitating
The preparation II❷:
 Storytelling and using metaphors in Rayhan’s Way
 Tailoring your content to your audience
 Speaking with clarity and conciseness
 Actualizing situation and right time connection
The Live:
 Establishing a Positive Learning Environment
 Facilitating, Training, Presenting with ENERGY
 How you cultivate knowledge exchange platform in classroom
 Technique for conducting business functional training
 Seminar, Workshop, Conference and Business Meeting in your paws
 Real Time Management – Ad-Hoc Management
The Articulation:
 Spectators perceptions: visuals, vocals, and content
 Secrets of Powerful Body Language
 Concept of Articulation: Movement, gestures, and using space
 Key Tools of Verbal Dynamics
 Power and projection: How to speak with expert witness
 Using your voice to influence others
 Tonality in depth: Pitch / Pace / Pronunciation

The Question:
 The Zones of Q & A
 Thinking on your feet
 Dealing with confrontation
 Dealing with different personality
The Evaluation:
 An opportunity to play out or rehearse specific scenarios
 Final Tests / Post Assessment
 Recap of the Session
 Wrap Up
Facilitator(s) Profile

Mohammed Masud Rayhan
Corporate Trainer Performance Enhancement Catalyst
  Masud Rayhan a performance-driven professional with more than 11 years of combined expertise(Telecommunication & Bank) in Leadership, Human Resources management, recruiting, sales, customer service, corporate learning and development. Currently Rayhan is heading “Learning & Development” unit in a leading local Bank. Rayhan have proven expertise in the development of innovative learning initiatives to streamline processes and capitalize on organizational growth opportunities. A creative thinker, problem solver and decision maker who effectively balances the needs of employees with the mission of the organization. As a trainer: worked with several local and multinational organizations to ensure the positive shifting of the learning curve. As former “Head of Training & Information Management” CS- Grameenphone, he has worked very closely in several learning interventions for people development. Designed, developed and lead the creation of training programs (Soft skill / HR functional) with more than 5000 hours of training conduction. Proven experience in Training Management, Stand-up Presentations, Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Instructional Systems Development, Leadership, Potential Assessment, Design and Development, Training Administration, Sales & Customer Service Management, Online Training Development. As a certified trainer Rayhan has worked in the development and implementation of the various organizations' training and development strategic learning plans. Involvement in creating and managing training standards, expectations and measurements that builds employee competencies and an environment of continuous learning. Experience in developing cost effective training options to meet specific business needs of the organization and create a high performance workforce. Expertise in ensuring the quality of training through effective needs assessments, course design, qualified instructors evaluation, training resource materials, and learning reinforcement strategies. Academically Rayhan has completed his BBA, MBA from Dhaka, Bangladesh and finally ended up with ACBA from IBA, Dhaka University. Several times stands in the platform of "Best Leader" from GrameenPhone Ltd.(CS Initiative). Rayhan’s extraordinarily inspirational presentations are fully customized through self-research process, rich in practical content that people can use immediately, and cautiously designed to assist individuals move to all new levels of performance, courage and individual fulfillment. Moreover, along with external corporate training Rayhan is involved with different private universities (East West University, Independent University, Stamford University, South East University, Northern University, Army Institute of Business Administration, BUBT)in Dhaka, Bangladesh for professional inauguration program.
We offer In-House/Customized training on Sales, Leadership, Finance, HR, RMG or any Soft Skill Topics.