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- Handout, Writing Materials & Other Documents will be provided by the organizer

- Seats are limited and will be served on 'First Come-First Serve' basis

- Registration payment can be made by cash or cheque in favor of Business Express

- Participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the session

Who Should Attend

Associate Relationship Manager, Relationship Manager, Sr. Relationship Manager, Sales associates

Sales Leadership & Team Building (Direct & Influential)

Training Objective
Based in the change of and transformations of the organization it is equally important to take critical learning intervention for the people of the organization. Unless there is a change in behavior, learning does not take places. Transformation only takes place when information is internalized. In recent time, globally sales are no longer an art that varies; rather it becomes a scientific process which can be articulated through proper learning intervention. The relationship managers / sales person’s main objectives are to learn about the clients' needs and determine how to help the client fulfill those needs. Being successful sales personal and effective team player never happens accidently, we must have a process and skill set that can be used and adapted in any situation. This course has specially designed for the client where participants can excel their competency on influencing, persuasion and team building with expert’s scientific guideline and practical demonstration. Over this course, Mr. Rayhan will work and assist individual to prepare their strategic action point for professional excellence for Sales Persuasion and Team Building.

This training course provides participants with all the fundamental Persuasion and Team building skills and techniques they need to become proven successful relationship manager / Sales associates.
Training Content
• “The Dark Circle” – Why Are We Here?
• Leading booster dose for kick off the session
• Sharing the basic method and how to follow the session

Chapter 01: Basic

• Break the ice with the spirit of sales
• Relationship Manager – Some aspects of sales art
• Understanding modest approach in existing market
• Principle & Process of Persuasion Overview
• The SalesArtist – WOW Factor – Consistently Constant
• Sales Leadership: The Access to Success (P FOR PROFIT ©)
• E-D-S-C Concept for Persuasion

Chapter 02: In depth of Persuasion & Influencing

• Engagement Summery Index
o Credibility idolizer
o Trust gaining actions
o Rapport building architecture

• Personality type analysis and choosing right solution

• Discovery Summery Index
o Effective listening and spectacular reply
o DISC questions and fact finding observation

• Distinctive analysis on Benefit and Price – Value proposition technique

• Solution Summery Index
o Explaining the complete package
o True and apparent case handling
o Value – Service – Support : A combination of heart throve sales man

• Commitment Summery Index
o Understanding buying signal
o Mutual agreement
o Assurance and handing procedural questions

Chapter 03: The Team

• “One Minute Leader” – A scientific proven method and implication
• Win – Win Sales attributes with relationship management
• Team base learn-shop game activity: to exercise creativity
• The Team Player – Attributes and actions

Sum Up

• Habits of successful sales personal and a great team member
• Putting it all together
• Action plan for Sales success
• Q & A, evaluations
Facilitator(s) Profile

Mohammed Masud Rayhan
Corporate Trainer Performance Enhancement Catalyst
  Masud Rayhan a performance-driven professional with more than 11 years of combined expertise(Telecommunication & Bank) in Leadership, Human Resources management, recruiting, sales, customer service, corporate learning and development. Currently Rayhan is heading “Learning & Development” unit in a leading local Bank. Rayhan have proven expertise in the development of innovative learning initiatives to streamline processes and capitalize on organizational growth opportunities. A creative thinker, problem solver and decision maker who effectively balances the needs of employees with the mission of the organization. As a trainer: worked with several local and multinational organizations to ensure the positive shifting of the learning curve. As former “Head of Training & Information Management” CS- Grameenphone, he has worked very closely in several learning interventions for people development. Designed, developed and lead the creation of training programs (Soft skill / HR functional) with more than 5000 hours of training conduction. Proven experience in Training Management, Stand-up Presentations, Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Instructional Systems Development, Leadership, Potential Assessment, Design and Development, Training Administration, Sales & Customer Service Management, Online Training Development. As a certified trainer Rayhan has worked in the development and implementation of the various organizations' training and development strategic learning plans. Involvement in creating and managing training standards, expectations and measurements that builds employee competencies and an environment of continuous learning. Experience in developing cost effective training options to meet specific business needs of the organization and create a high performance workforce. Expertise in ensuring the quality of training through effective needs assessments, course design, qualified instructors evaluation, training resource materials, and learning reinforcement strategies. Academically Rayhan has completed his BBA, MBA from Dhaka, Bangladesh and finally ended up with ACBA from IBA, Dhaka University. Several times stands in the platform of "Best Leader" from GrameenPhone Ltd.(CS Initiative). Rayhan’s extraordinarily inspirational presentations are fully customized through self-research process, rich in practical content that people can use immediately, and cautiously designed to assist individuals move to all new levels of performance, courage and individual fulfillment. Moreover, along with external corporate training Rayhan is involved with different private universities (East West University, Independent University, Stamford University, South East University, Northern University, Army Institute of Business Administration, BUBT)in Dhaka, Bangladesh for professional inauguration program.
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