Training List

Details of Advanced Reporting with MS Excel Functions

Details of Data Analysis & Visualization with MS Excel 2013

Details of Bangladesh Labor Rules - 2015

Details of Competencies for 21st Century HR Professionals

Details of ITIL V3 Foundation Course (Edition 2011)

Details of Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)Exam Preparation Course

Details of Finance for Non Financial Professionals

Basic concepts of accounting
Golden rules of accounting
Internal control and Internal check
Documents and documentation
Types of Expenditure
Types of cost
Accountant's liability
Interpretation Company accounting policies
Interpretation Accounting report and financial statement. Includes
Financial balance sheet
Profit and loss account
Cash flow statement
Ratio analysis
Interpretation of notes to the accounts & management report

Details of Income Tax & VAT (Theory & Practice) & Including all changes in FY (15-16)

Contents of VAT Workshop:
1st Half


Brief history, Background, Mission & role of VAT
National Board of Revenue (NBR) at a glance
NBR roles in import & Export product
General features of VAT (Indirect taxation) system of Bangladesh

VAT at manufacturing & trade point

How does VAT works, Tax liability, net work & value addition
Methods of input tax credit mechanism & characteristic of VAT
VAT- able goods & services, exemption & tax rate
Cottage industry & turnover tax
Registration process of manufacturer, services, traders & importer
Stages of VAT, when it payable & how?
ECR & advance trade VAT
Value calculation & payment of tax
Tariff value, Excise duty & obligation of VAT unit
When to pay? & mode of payment
Submission of return, Record keeping & Right of Tax payer
Offence, penalty, adjudication & dispute statement
Different forms on VAT
Dispute & Need

VAT at Service sector

Network/Scope, Exemption, calculation
Registration process
Tax base/procedure of VAT
Truncated base &VAT at source
VAT payment &collection System
Central Registration Process
VAT on Banking & Insurance Sector
Hotel, Restaurant, Construction firms and Building Developer
VAT system on Export, Deemed Export and Bond
Various reporting Under VAT law
Refund system

2nd half

Valuation System

Tax base & determination of assessable value for VAT
Different kinds of value
Legal provision
Declaration & Calculation of value
Components of value
Value approvals

Adjudication & Appeal

What is Adjudication?
Offences for adjudication
Power of adjudication
Imposition of penalties
Adjudication process

Record Keeping and Accounting in VAT

Importance of record keeping in VAT
Obligation & Record keeping
Characteristics of VAT as a tax system
Record keeping (mainly)
Commercial documents
VAT Accounting and Payment Procedures

Important changes at VAT law through Budget,2015

Question & answer

Contents of Income Tax Workshop:

1st half:

Salary tax assessment

(including investment tax rebate &

tax calculation)

Area of Income Tax

Deduction/Collection at source, rate of deduction, list of deducting authority, where and when to be deposited, consequence of non-compliance.

[including advance tax and list of 82C income]

Detailed discussion with practical problem and its solution.

2nd half:

(1)Income tax return,

(2) filing of return under

Universal self assessment.

(3) Wealth statement and life style statement.

[Practical demo to fill-up the return form]

Important changes at income tax law through Budget,2015

Question & answer

Details of Fundamental English for Official Functions

Day 1:

Session 1: 10:00 am

"Thank you very much for the mail"
• Professional email id
• 10 most crucial email expressions
• 3 paragraph email samples
• CC or BCC?

Session 2: 11:30 am

" I look forward to hearing from you"
• Full block business letter format
• Letter head, dateline inside address, salutation body and signature line rules
• Common business letter errors
• 10 most common essential business letter expressions

Session 3:1:30 pm

"The office will remain closed tomorrow"
• Memorandum
• Meeting Notice
• Meeting minutes

Session 4: 3:00 pm

Business Writing Grammar

• Subject verb agreement
• Right forms of Verbs Active & Passive writing
• Case study

Writing Incubator: 4.30 pm
Individual & Group case study solution

Day 2:

Session 1: 10:00 am

• Review of day 1
• Formal & Informal language
• Firm but polite
• Case study

Session 2: 11:30 am

Business writing Style

• Punctuation
• Preposition
• Common business writing errors

Session 3: 1:30 pm

Welcome to my presentation!

• Office presentation language
• Presentation slides
• Presentation Do’s & Don’ts

Session 4: 3:00 pm

“Nice to meet you sir”

• Speaking with clients
• Phone conversation
• Practice

Language Incubator: 4.30 pm
Practice preparing individual presentations

Details of Business Presentation using MS PowerPoint 2013 (Advance Level)

Details of Effective Report Writing

Challenges of report writing
Understand key business reporting considerations.

Types of business reports
Review common types of reports: information reports, analytical reports and proposals.

Planning to write a report
Adopt planning techniques to assist idealization and structure.

Purpose of the report
Focus on the transfer of knowledge and decision outcomes.

Identifying audience needs and expectations
Understand the audience’s perspective and accommodate for visual, auditory and kin-aesthetic (VAK) learning styles.

Gathering and analyzing information
Identifying, researching and analyzing data.
Common report structures
Use navigable structures to improve usability.

The executive summary
Understand the value of this reporting element.

Writing for impact
Guidelines for writing title pages, introductions, conclusions and recommendations.

Professional presentation
Use communication styles and language to promote positive outcomes.

Critique and review
Apply professional business standards.

Details of Effective English Speaking & Standard Pronunciation

1. Prologue
2. Phonetics of Words
3. Phonetics of Sentence
4. Phonetics of Real-time dialogue
5. Phonetics of Meaning and Purpose
6. Solution to Problem Areas
7. British vs American Pronunciation
8. Using Pronunciation Skills in Listening
9. Individual practice in Business English
10. Focused perform on most frequently used spoken terminology
11. Linking pronunciation and speaking skills with efficient communication techniques
12. Applying the talents with other domains of life
13. Learning how to logically vocalize any written text
14. Self-correcting techniques and tools to be used life-long
15. Captivating a holistic groundwork for smooth pronunciation before a presentation

Details of A to Z Business Report Writing

Day 1
Session 1:
1.1 Basic Principles for good business writing: 3 hours
1.1.1 Writing for business audience,
1.1.2 Essentials of Effective Correspondence,
1.1.3 Activity: Choosing correct phrases, selecting right vocabulary and improving writing skills.

Session 2:
2.1 Basics of Report Writing:
2.1.1 Informational
2.1.2 Analytical
2.1.3 Persuasive

2.2 Types of Business Report
2.2.1 Periodic Operating Reports,
2.2.2 Situational Reports,
2.2.3 Investigative/Informational Reports,
2.2.4 Compliance Reports,
2.2.5 Reports to make Justification/Recommendation,
2.2.6 Reports to establish Yardstick,
2.2.7 Reports on Research Studies,
2.2.8 Reports on Proposals.

Day 2
Writing reports and receiving evaluation
Activity 1: 4 hours

2.1 Writing Business Report
2.2.1 Planning, Collecting & Organizing Information for Report
2.2.2 Structuring the Report
2.2.3 Referencing in a Report
2.2.4 Activity: Laying out and presenting a Report

2.2 Report evaluation & discussion: 3 hours

Details of Spoken and Written English for Professionals

• Techniques to develop spoken & written competence
• Right form of verbs
• Greetings
• Captivating a holistic groundwork for smooth pronunciation before a presentation
• What should be done before starting speech?
• Tips for learning new words
• Learning vocabulary with prefix and suffix
• How to Use Academic Vocabularies
• Semantic Mapping to Understand Vocabularies
• Synonyms & Antonyms Learning
• Action of our body
• Causative Verbs
• Easy way of spoken English by using AV, AV of passive and BV
• Easy way of written English by using AV, AV of passive and BV
• Classification of verbs
• The techniques of using modals
• Techniques of imperative sentence
• Techniques of exclamatory sentence
• Use of ‘have’
• The techniques of stationary preposition, movement preposition and time preposition
• How to arrange the word order of English sentence
• How to arrange adjective in English
• Conditional sentence
• Some important manners which are usually used in speaking English
• Phonetics of Words
• Phonetics of Sentence
• Phonetics of Real-time dialogue
• Phonetics of Meaning and Purpose
• Learning how to logically vocalize any written text
• Spoken English for Advanced Users
• Tag question
• Conversation
• Topic discussion
• Practice session
• Revision
• Feed back
• Conclusion

Details of Cyber Security and Its Domains

1. Introduction to Cyber Security and understanding the necessity
2. Perspective Bangladesh : Cyber Law, Security and Threats
3. Defensive Security : Cyber Security Planning and Operation
4. End user Security
6. Network Security
7. Application Security
8. Software Development Security
9. Physical Security : Data Center and Workplace
8. M-Commerce and E-Commerce threats
10. Security Compliance : IT Audit
11. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Details of Fire Safety in the Work Place

Details of New VAT Law and VAT Deduction at Source (VDS)

1. What is VAT at source?

2. Who should deduct VAT at source?

3. Where VAT is to be deducted at source?

4. Rates of VAT deduction at source;

5. Special Procedures regarding Procurement Provider;

6. Formalities to be observed by the supplier of goods and services;

7. Formalities to be observed by the deducting authorities;

8.What to do and what not to do

9.How to reduce cost of business?

10.Source (VDS)

11. A list of Questions regarding VAT Deduction at Source

12. Miscellaneous

Details of Shipping and Custom Procedures for Clearance of Goods

•International Trade - an overview
•Banking Relationship
•Incoterms -2010®
•Import and Export Policy of Bangladesh
•Export Formalities & Procedures
•Bill of Export
•Custom Clearance Procedures for Export
•International Transportation
•Role and Functions of Freight forwarders
•Shipment – steps involved in shipping goods by sea
•Air Freight
•Air Fright Unit
•Shipping Procedures for Import & Export (Containerized),
•Shipping Procedures for Import & Export (Break & Bulk),
•Shipping Formalities for Multimodal Transportation
•Documentation – Documents used in Letter of Credit(LC)
•Bills of Lading
•Import Formalities & Procedures
•H.S. Code - its uses/significance
•Bill of Entry
•Custom Clearance Procedures for Import
•Valuation and Assessment
•Calculation of Duties and Taxes
•Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
•Manage Customs Authority
•A to Z customs formalities
•Import Clearing
•Duties & Taxes Applicable for Importable Goods
•How to Calculate Costs of Importable Goods?
•Questions and Answers

Details of Learn Neutral Accent | Voice & Accent Training

Module -1

Accent Reduction
Intro to vowel & consonant sounds
Mouth & Jaw relaxation exercises

Module -2
Relation of sounds with words
Intonation pattern & syllable stress
Plosive sounds

Module -3

Pronunciation practice
American slang's & removal of Indianism
American culture & mock practice

Details of Leadership Breakthrough: Crafting the Essence of Self-Management

• “The Silent Circle” – Why Are We Here?
• Leading booster dose for kick off the session
• Sharing the basic method and how to follow the session
Leadership: The Intrinsic Transformation
• Leadership throughout the history
• Contemporary leaders: What makes them successful and what the recipe?
• Debrief and discussion: Defining leadership styles
• Are there specific traits and competencies of a successful Leader? What if I don’t fit the “Type”?
• The leader of tomorrow: The CORE attributes – Identifying through Motivational game
• Determining my leadership strengths and improvement area
• Designing a plan for maximizing my leadership capabilities
• Visiting own leadership barriers trough assessment procedure
• Practical Exercise: Breaking away from ineffectual leadership tendencies
• Leveraging my strengths and overcoming my potential barrier to be the leader of tomorrow

Setting the Vision and Moving the Organization Forward
• “One Minute Leader” – A scientific proven method and implication
• Revisiting the mission and vision
• Adventure outdoor task: Finding own cheese
• Making it happen: Developing communication strategies to link the vision with an implementation plan
• Case study: Leader vs. Manager; Good time to close for it

Feedback “Karma & Mantra” with TEAM Building Activity
• What's in it? (RAY model on Feedback)
• Introducing and Preparing for 1 to 1 Environment
• Golden Regulations to Provide Effective Feedback
• Introducing TEAM meeting Environment to Execute Effective Feedback
• Preparing for Team building – Team base group task for explore
• Complete Scientifically Infrastructure of the Feedback Process by Managing Expectation
• How to implement the process in work environment

Lead Successfully
• Habits of successful personal and the usage of regular life
• Putting it all together
• Action plan for leadership success
• Q & A, evaluations

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